Ensign Wildren Spacey

Name Wildren Spacey

Position Physicist

Rank Ensign


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Deltan
Age 22

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 175
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Spacey has the appearance as someone who has pushed himself hard in to intellectual stimulation. His physical prowess appears to be lacking from the long days in the lab. Although appearances could be deceiving, during his off time he trains hard. One who saw Spacey in the lab and then in the recreation room might look twice to see the same man lifting a good deal more then himself or running rather fast on the treadmill. Spacey has always been one for concealing the appearance of his strength when it is not needed.


Children none
Father Solstre
Mother Dekai
Brother(s) West
Sister(s) Lani, Merli, Perri
Other Family Utte

Personality & Traits

General Overview Spacey is shy, yet enjoys company. Because of this he is often seen as distant in relations, yet a member of the crowd. The two qualities conflict occasionally, but he manages to make do. He has strong ambitions and is passionate about science. He loves to run and play chess and tries to stay physically and mentally active.
Strengths & Weaknesses “Shy” – Distant in relations that are not well acquainted, but will perform well in situations where team members have worked together before.

“Precise” - Typically only relays factual based data, and opinions he usually keeps to himself. Although he does may hypotheses and follows the scientific method.

“Companion” – Enjoys company of friends, and will feel lonely when those of familiarity are not present. Is also dedicated to those who show affection.

“Organized” – tries to keep his work area neat and his schedule planed. He dislikes an empty schedule, but finds productive activities to do in his spare time.
Ambitions “Scientific endeavor” - would like to one-day captain a science vessel to the edge of the galaxy for research of the outer rings of the galaxy.

“Physical Maintenance” – would like to stay fit up and through his golden years. He desires to continue to run long distances for exceptional cardiovascular health.
Hobbies & Interests “Running and swimming” – loves to run and swim. Unfortunately he rarely gets time to swim these days, but he jogs twice a week. He also keeps a record of his cardiovascular exercise.
“Weight Lifting” - Weight lifting three times a week has become a regular occurrence for Spacey since he entered the academy. He continues to lift for physical strength and records his activity.
“General science” – has had a passion for science since a child. His first love was the stars, and his second Botany. He often takes trips to astrometrics and cares for a variety of plants. Geology also seems fascinating to him, although more recently he has focused more on archeology.

Personal History Pre-Fleet: Spacey began his life looking up at the stars. He grew up with them, and as he got older he learned the names of some of them. It was always his dream to study the different kinds of worlds out there, and to travel amongst the rays of light that glared across the galaxy.
When he was ten, Spacey visited an observatory. He convinced his parents and the observatory attendants he could help with the historical tours and work the old telescope. He worked the telescope for two weeks, and learned a lot about astronomy. When the two weeks were over he begged his parents to let him stay for another month.
His parents agreed that it would be a good experience for him, but wanted him to return to his studies. Fortunately for him a research team was opening a two week educational course for children on astronomy of the different worlds of the Federation. After much nagging, he was allowed to stay for two more weeks. It was at the end of the two weeks he decided he was going to become a scientist.
For the next six years he trained and studied as hard as he could. He read just about every science book in the local library. On his sixteenth birthday he took an entrance exam for the Star Fleet Academy and nailed it. Shortly after passing the test he took an oath of celibacy, as required by Deltan applicants in Star fleet.

Academy: Spacey joined the academy shortly after his sixteenth birthday. During his freshmen year he continued to study for long hours in to the night. Concerned with his activity level, the instructor decided it would be best if he joined some sort of club to meet friends. He reluctantly agreed, and began a physical strength club. He weight lifted, ran, and swam for nearly nineteen hours a week. After a few more years of intense study and physical training he graduated with honors and merits in science and astronomy at age 20 and ran/swam nearly 2000 kilometers.
Service Record Entered the Academy (16)
Graduated from the academy (20)
Assigned to the USS Endeavor (21)
Given charge over Physics lab (22)