Lieutenant JG Turon

Name Turon

Position Astrometrics Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 55

Physical Appearance

Height 5'3"
Weight 117
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Black
Physical Description

Slender with beautiful hips and lips. Turon’s elegance is not something to be attained by just any lucky space traveler. She has a certain Vulcan ambiance to her that makes most would be love struck chasers to the edge of the airlock. Still her body does look good from afar…


Spouse Riyun
Father Suran
Mother Turel

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Languished and burdened better look elsewhere for bedside manner, this Vulcan lives up to the name Vulcan. Her beauty might give you all the bedside manner you need, but a certain comforting humanity is missing.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Logic – Strengthen by the great logic of Surek, Turon has the makings for a good scientist, but wait? “She’s a medic… good god, help us all.” Emotionless – Those same great tastes of Vulcan philosophy and genetic breeding for attainment of emotion suppression have brought Turon the gifts of un-equivocated precision. Beautiful – Hearts lost to this one are bound for the deeps of the artic. Hey she is great looking but you’ve got a snowballs chance in hell.


To close the growing gap in Vulcan medical Personnel…Vulcan was once home to the finest in medical research. New advances from foreign soil have brought a wave of Vulcan’s to close that gap and prove that Logic can be applied to all fields including medicine.

Hobbies & Interests

Research – As it would have it her previous career at the Vulcan science academy has some loose ends. By the request of the Vulcan administrate she has been known to conduct investigative study from time to time. Meditation – Surek’s will be that of continued preservation of peace and logic. The good cannot outway the means and should the one be ready with insight of inner peace and wisdom, the whole will prosper from the logic of the one. Philopsophy - Understanding is part of knowledge, but so is the pursuit of its discourse and one must share, learn, and retain.

Personal History

Childhood: A young Vulcan grows to learn the basics of logic at an early age. Strength comes from such truths that retain themselves in study. The pursuit of study brought Turon to modest beginnings as one individual out to learn all that could be attained through logical means. Her study as a child involved the Sohk-Paks and study of Surek’s teachings. She visited several sights of the old temples and learned the ways of Kya-yai. Her presented display of knowledge retained earned her an enrollment at the Vulcan science academy. Teenage years: Several years amongst the greatest scholars of the Vulcan science academy brought wealth of the mind. A crème of the crop display of understanding from her peers brought a strengthened mind to pursue further logical endeavors with the Vulcan science academy. Adulthood: Turon adapted to life in the laboratory, seeking to understand the more complexities of spatial physics and inter-dimensional theory. Her work with the great minds of Vulcan brought new encounters for many field scientists around the galaxy, but culturally she was starved. She sought out to further her meditation on the philosophy of Surek. Encompassing all her free time and soon her research studies brought her to a place on the council. Turon debated theory and logic and while doing so met up with her life mate and Vulcan Physician, Riyun. Riyun believe that the medical research of Vulcan was on the decline. Taken by such a belief the two sought out to prove that display of Vulcan logic in the field was practical and field logic would bring a new era of scientific discovery for the federation. Turon left the Vulcan science academy to follow the pursuit of Science and Medicine with star fleet.

Service Record

Service Record Academy years: 6 years – Medical + Science Training Additional training: 12 years – Vulcan Science Academy 23 years – Vulcan Science Academy Research (Stellar Cartography, Astronomy, Cellular Biology, Micro-biology)


Formerly Rear Admiral Turon of Star fleet Science attached to Star fleet Academy.

Captained both a Miranda class light cruiser and Oberth class science vessel.  Desired to captain a Nebula class after its commission to service in 2360's.  None were available and accepted admiralty.  Turon left star fleet to return to the Vulcan science academy.  Has played chess with Ambassador Spock.  Turon returned to star fleet and requested demotion from Flag officer to a mid level junior officer rank.  Turon is Lieutenant Junior Grade of Stellar Cartography aboard the USS Tikal with full unrestricted access to the astrophysics lab.