Commander T'Hai

Name T'Hai

Position Crew Member Mother

Second Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Commander


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Character Information

Gender Female
Species Vulcan
Age 70

Physical Appearance

Height 5'11'
Weight 152
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Vulcan brown
Physical Description A very attractive Vulcan female not showing her age at all. She seems to be taller than what she is.


Children Lt. Cmdr Amarith, Lt. Junior Grade Shiar
Father Vorok
Mother T'Preng
Brother(s) Professor Solur, Dr. Slon.

Personality & Traits

General Overview T'Hai was brought up with culture, refinement and logic. She believes in the Vulcan teachings and discipline. During her time at the Academy, she was in the Academy Ballet Troupe.

She graduated from the Academy in Navigational Sciences and she was assigned as a Helmswoman and navigational officer aboard the Enterprise under the command of Captain Rachel Garrett in the year 2340. In the year 2344, she along with others were taken prisoner by the Romulans after saving Klingons.

After being taken prisoner, she was given a choice of death or to serve in the household of Praetor Devoras tr'Narviat. She chose to serve in the household obediently as one of the other officers Addison Blaire was given the choice to be the consort. When she did have her pon farr, Devoras did mate with her each time and two of those times offspring were created named Amarith and the other time Shiar.

In the year they escaped Romulus, she had taken off several years from serving Starfleet. She finally reenlisted and she eventually became Commander for the USS Mayflower serving as Executive Officer under the command of Captain Addison Blaire.
Strengths & Weaknesses Her strength is in her grace, style, respect and quick thinking.

Her weakness, she is not a great fighter in hand to hand combat but she does manage at times to deliver an amazing kick.
Ambitions Her only ambition is to serve and not be served.
Hobbies & Interests Ballet, dancing, opera and reading.

Personal History Born on the Planet Vulcan in the year 2309. Graduated from High School on Vulcan in 2336. Started attending Starfleet Academy the very same year. While at the academy, she learned Navigational Sciences and learned how to fly everything from runabouts to Starships.

While at the Academy, she joined the Academy Ballet troupe.

Upon graduation, she was assigned to the USS Enterprise.

In the year 2344, she was taken prisoner by the Romulans. She has two children when she was on Romulus, Amarith and Shiar.

During the thirty years, she had thought many times of escaping Romulus but after what happen to Tasha Yar that came from the future, the Romulans asked all the survivors if they would attempt to escape, they would be executed and possibly any offspring.

She served as a cook and maid to Praetor Devoras tr'Narviat. She came to respect him as well as the Romulan Commander Livianna Charvonek when she married her later. Livianna respected Devoras even if her husband in the thirty years T'Hai was on Romulus, mated with her four times.

Fearing for his offspring's life, Praetor Devoras tr'Narviat lifted the ban on the survivors escaping Romulus as he had them escape at the lost of his daughter Asha's life.

T'Hai returned back to Vulcan after she escaped with her two children. She continued raising them until each one went to the Academy.

Eventually T'Hai was given the okay to come back to Starfleet. Her fellow prisoner Captain Addison Blaire brought her back on to the Mayflower. She came up the ranks as she eventually became first officer and the rank of Commander. During this time, she had one strong friendship with a Commander Jorok, a Romulan Vulcan officer. Jorok was eventually killed in battle.

Service Record 2340 - Ensign - Helmswoman and Pilot on the USS Enterprise
2342 - Promoted to Lt. Junior Grade and became the Navigational Officer on the USS Enterprise.
2344 - Promoted to Lieutenant.
2344 - Taken Prisoner by the Romulans
2374 - Escapes Romulus with other survivors and their children.
2384 - Reenlists back into Starfleet. Assigned to the USS Mayflower as Chief Pilot
2386 - Promoted to Lt. Commander and later same year made Third Executive Officer.
2387 - Made Second Executive Officer on the USS Mayflower
2389 - Made Executive Officer and Commander shortly after USS Mayflower was able to escape a Nebula.