Lieutenant Arcos Darye

Name Arcos Darye

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant


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Tue Nov 7th, 2017 @ 11:32pm

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 1.85 m
Weight 71.6 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description

Arcos looks young for his age, and always has been youthful.  He is practically average height for humanity. He has recently reduced his weight back to healthy, but would like to be a little stronger and slender still.  Medically being 33 years old, is considered healthy, but Arcos still desires different from the body image he views himself and to express levels of fitness beyond present circumstance.   At times the Long shifts will lower the weight below 72 kg and at times reach a few decimals higher... but in the recent month has held with in the same kg denotation range.   (Player Jonathan too but Arcos and Jonathan look the same so sorry about the lousy photos of me in the DS9/VOY tunic with photo cut background)


Spouse none.


Father Fynn Darye (Engineer)
Mother Isis Darye (Science)

Sydd (engineer.)


Sister in-law: Samantha (Child development) - expecting a child.

Other Family

Sarah - Step-mother (engineer)

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Arcos is normally an introvert. He is also well educated and keeps himself well groomed. He is a fan of Star Yacht Racing, and aspires to design himself.  His best buddy William Peary III is an engineer aboard the USS Steadfast where he serves as chief engineer and second officer.


Birthday is April 25th.  He is currently 30 years old this year.

Strengths & Weaknesses

Academic Upbringing - very much an academic all star.  Very gifted at traditional subjects.  Pretty much was already advanced at the sort before entering the academy.  Has some refinement with some fine arts such as music.  He plays the trombone.  He also had some athletic training as part of the traditional training, he chose to run cross country.  But loved to play basket ball on his free time.

Engineering Aptitude - He has some engineering ability, and can do a lot of gizmo's without much depth laden study.  He chose science instead though.

Logic/Philosophy - Very much a logical thinker.  He likes puzzles.  He likes to figure things out. The mystery would make him a good sleuth or a scientist.

Driven - Very much hard pressed to finish what he starts, but doesn't have to.  He is more interested in furthering the pursuits of science, and getting the job done.


Design a winning Star Yacht Racer... dreams from his childhood.

Command a science Vessel, - wants a command of a science vessel, a bit out there.  He wants to do it, but it might be his last assignment.

Not Retire alone - doesn't want to grow old alone.

Hobbies & Interests

Ship Design - He's much of an engineer, but his brother is.  His mother isn't, but his father and step mother are.

Star Yacht Racing - he still likes to follow the family dream.


Chess- he loves to play chess.  He plays often against an opponent that learned a bit from Ambassador Spock and considered by many to be the ship's grandmaster.

Personal History

Born on Alpha Centauri to a Star Yacht designer and a Centauri historian, Arcos took to the stars at a young age. When he was only fifteen he went on his first solo flight, a mere trip across Centauri system. He took the time to get acquainted with the science controls, learning all he could about the Centauri dual stars. It was after this would be two-hour trek turned two-week journey that Arcos decided to enter the academy. His pursuits of science previously had given him the strength in self and mind to pursue his decision with full effectiveness. It was by the age of 16 that he was ready to take the entrance exam. After passing he enrolled at the academy and served aboard the Nightshade for a provisional period as a fourth year cadet. After graduation he took on the position of assistant chief science officer where he served in several missions taking him all over federation space and uncharted territory. His time aboard the Nightshade came to a halt when he was transferred to the star fleet science laboratories, there he served for the past two years, filling test tubes and watching beakers filled with various substances reach boiling point and many other mundane tasks of little to no importance... During the Dominion Struggle: Arcos serving aboard the USS Warrior worked on a chemical composition to cure the dominion ketracell compound, reaching 70% effectiveness with limited duration of use he was called to work with medical to derive a second methodology of treatment. Working with the Petty Officer's Miller and Durad and the medical staff, the treatment was reached . It is still in the process of verification by Star Fleet Medical. Arcos participated in the diplomatic mission to Union of border planets. Negotiations turned over to Confederation diplomatic corps. -Deleted Entry: Brax System Classified- Arcos selected for second officer of USS Warrior Helped with escort of Algerian Diplomats to Confederation Headquarters at Earth...

Service Record

Star Fleet Academy Graduate in Science- Top 25% of his class USS Nightshade: Cadet Cruise (Science) USS Nightshade: Ensign Jupiter Science Station: 2282 - Worked on Dominion Ketra-cell interactions with Zettro Durad USS Warrior: Lieutenant Junior Grade (Chief science officer) USS Warrior: Lieutenant (Chief Science officer)

Current Posting:  USS Tikal - Lieutenant, Chief Science Officer