Lieutenant JG Jefferson Stevens

Name Jefferson James Stevens

Position Assistant Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Terran
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 180
Hair Color brown to light brown
Eye Color hazel - changes with mood
Physical Description Jefferson Stevens bears a mustache and appears suave and debonair. He is tone, even for a Starfleet Officer and has a fine physique. He is slightly taller than many of his fellow officers but always appears approachable to even the lowest enlisted person. He is 6’2” and 180 pounds.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Commander Harry Joe Stevens, ret.
Mother Mary Jo Rabb
Brother(s) Billy Jo Stevens of Stevens Impulse Industries
Sister(s) Manda Jean Stevens-Husk
Other Family Related to the Rabb family through his mother.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jefferson is perhaps best known for his great love of his work and of people. Jefferson, sometimes called Jeff, enjoys Starfleet, Engineering, and being in deep space. He revels at meeting new species and maintains a healthy lifestyle; also encouraging others to do the same. Jeff also enjoys a good laugh and sometimes can be found in the same area where a good joke has just been whom?
Strengths & Weaknesses Jeff is well known for his attention to detail and his tenacity. Jeff quickly approaches situations in a professional manner, no matter the personal or emotional impact it has upon him. He has the ability to instill confidence in his superiors and his subordinates, which goes a long way to making him well liked by the crew. As for weaknesses, Jeff's real weakness is a pretty woman in distress. Jeff just cannot resist what he views as a damsel in distress, though outdated as that may seem. He fancies himself the 'knight in shining armor' of ancient Earth tales. If not careful, he will allow himself to get single minded in pursuit of the damsel's needs and what he perceives as her ultimate goal.

Jeff dislikes very few people or species, but has an inherent dislike, almost a hatred, for Orions. This is because an Orion slaver kidnapped a girlfriend he once had which led him to a six month leave of absence to find and rescue her - only to have her die in his arms.
Ambitions Jeff wants to continue to be a fine specimen of a Starfleet officer. He wants to serve as an example for other officers as well as his subordinates. Jeff's ambitions include recognizing the diamond in the rough among his teams and pushing people to achieve all they can. To that end, Jeff has recommended more enlisted NCO's to the Warrant Officer program than any other Chief Engineer in Starfleet. He is proud this as over 95% of his recommendations have gone on to achieve Warrant Officer ranks.
Jeff also wants to one day become Captain of Engineering and serve in that capacity on a Sovereign class starship.
Hobbies & Interests Jeff enjoys fencing and acting as well as games of skill like chess. He also enjoys spending time on the holodeck relaxing. He also likes to 'play' in holonovels of Shakespeare, often playing characters such as Henry V or Bassanio. Jeff speaks Federation Standard, can read and speak Klingon. He also enjoys old Earth Latin.

Personal History Jefferson Stevens was born on January 31, 2348, about four years after the events on Narendra III. His parents are Commander Harry Stevens and Mary Jo Rabb. Harry Stevens was an Engineering professor at Starfleet Academy when Jeff was born. His mom, Mary Jo, is aunt to Task Force 42 CO Jordan Rabb and retired RAdm Jason Rabb. Jeff is related to the infamous Rabb family through his mother.

Jeff spent the first five years of life around the academy. At five years old, his father was assigned to assist the Federation outpost on Galen IV. The Stevens lived on the outpost until the autumn of 2356, which turned out to be just in time as the outpost was attacked in 2357 by the Talarians. After leaving Galen IV, the Stevens were assigned to Utopia Colony. Harry was assigned to the engineering staff at the fleet yards to help develop various equipment and coordinate engineering needs. Harry ended up working on the Galaxy class project and was an integral part of the engineering design team working on main engineering.

Jeff's life in the Utopia colony wasn't want he hoped it would be but then again, he was still only a child. Jeff wanted to go back to Earth, to be able to roll and cajole in the real fields of wheat and hay. However, young Jeff made the best of it and was sometimes able to tag along with his dad to the Galaxy class project. After completing his assignment on the Galaxy project, Harry Stevens was transferred to the Nebula project at the San Francisco Fleet yards. This made young Jeff very happy, since they were able to move back to Earth. It wasn't long before Jeff found his old friends and soon three of them signed up for Starfleet Academy after passing the entrance exams.

Jeff's life at the Academy was probably the most enjoyable time of his life. Jeff excelled at his studies and his instructors viewed him as a breath of fresh air, especially compared with his two good friends Charlie Darkul and Willie Mandel. Charlie was studying to go into operations and Willie was studying to go into security; neither one had Jeff's love of studying though.

2367 brought a jolt to the trio, as the Borg invasion was underway and the battle of Sector 001 raged. Jeff, due to his natural ability and skill, was temporarily given a battlefield promotion to Ensign and assigned to assist with preparations on Starfleet defenses. Jeff lost many classmates, including Willie Mandel. Charlie Darkul was severely wounded and left the service.

Jeff returned to the Academy after the battle and finished his studies. He graduated in the top of his class and was assigned to the USS Farragut as an Engineering Officer. Jeff was recognized for his dedication to duty and his support of his fellow officers. While on the Farragut, Jeff learned to read and write Klingon, as the Farragut was assigned along the Klingon border. Due to Jeff's superior work and ability, he was promoted to Lieutenant, jg and assigned to the USS Leeds, another Nebula class starship. While on the Leeds, Jeff continued his studies of Latin and occasionally was able to work on his Klingon language skills. He was fortunate as the Leeds received a Klingon through the Officer Exchange Program and Jeff spent many hours learning first hand about the Klingon culture and language.

It was during this assignment that Jeff fell in love with a woman named Tari Danar. Tari was a shuttle pilot on the Leeds. They ended up in a long romance that was distrubed when Tari was captured by Orions. She had been flying the shuttle that was ferrying a low level diplomat and the shuttle was attacked and captured by Orions. She was tortured and assaulted several times. She was kept prisoner and transferred through one ship or another for about six months. Jeff took a leave to find her, his new friend Ka'garth going with him. They tracked down the last ship she was on and found her and her captors on a small class M planet in an uncharted area of space. They fought the Orions and found Tari, but as Jeff and Ka'garth were turning round a corner of two large boulders, they did not see the lone Orion waiting for them. He shot, striking Tari squarely in the back. Though Ka'garth killed the Orion, he had made his mark; Tari died in Jeff's arms.

Jeff and Ka'garth returned to the Leeds but Jeff ended up going home for a couple of months to collect himself. He vowed to never love another, but that proved impossible. Of course there would be women here and there that he cared for, but none like that of Tari.

Jeff needed a fresh start and he was granted a transfer to the USS Cairo. It was just after his transfer the Dominion War began. It was the one thing that helped Jeff push through his grief and move on with his life. Jeff served bravely during the Dominion War and was appointed Assistant Chief Engineer during this time. He observed first hand the atrocities of the Dominion soldiers, having been captured on an away mission and barely escaping with his life. He escaped due to his friend Ka'garth, who by this time had returned to the Klingon Fleet and was serving as a First Officer aboard a vessel.

After the conclusion of the Dominion War, Jeff remained on Deep Space Nine for two months to recuperate and relax. While here he received orders to report to Starfleet Academy for command training. Jeff looked forward to this because it was the next step he needed to become a Chief Engineer. The training was harder than he expected but he pulled through. He especially desired the time he had on Earth because he was able to see his family and attend his sister's wedding. He was also able to spend time with his brother, who was working on building his Impulse Engines business. Jeff finished the command and department head training and was assigned to the USS Crockett as Chief Engineer. The Crockett was sent on a deep space assignment. Jeff spent six years on the Crockett, as they were many times the only Starship in that region of space and made contact with several new species and races.

Jeff had spent six years in deep space and requested something closer to home, so to speak. He was assigned to the USS Budapest to patrol the inner areas around Starbase 12. Jeff spent the next six years on the Budapest, a Norway class. Recently, he was re-assigned to the USS Tikal to serve as her Chief Engineer.

Jeff was requested by Starfleet HQ for a special assignment. During that assignment, he made a decision that got him in trouble for violating Starfleet protocols. The ending result for that decision was a demotion in rank and sent back to his previous ship assignment. Upon his return to the Tikal, he was assigned to the operations department instead of engineering, due partly because he received training as a strategic operations officer during that time.
Service Record Jeff entered Starfleet Academy at the age of 16 in 2364.

- Starfleet -

2364: Starfleet Academy Engineering Cadet
2367: Participated in battle of Wolf 359 preparations
2368: Graduated Academy, Engineering degree

2368-2370: Assigned as Ensign to USS Farragut, Nebula Class
2370-2373: Assigned as Lieutenant, jg to USS Leeds, Nebula Class
2373-2375: Assigned as Lieutenant to USS Cairo, Excelsior Class
2373-2375: Participated in the Dominion War aboard the Cairo as Asst. Chief Engineer
2375-2376: Re-assigned to Starfleet Academy for Command and Dept Chief training
2376-2382: Assigned as Lieutenant to USS Crockett, Excelsior Class as Chief Engineer
2382-2388: Assigned as Lieutenant Commander to USS Budapest, Norway Class, as Chief Engineer
2389-2390: Assigned to USS Tikal as Chief Engineer and First Officer
2390-????: Assigned as Lieutenant Junior Grade to USS Tikal as Assistant Chief Operations Officer