Rear Admiral Leopold Magnus

Name Leopold "Spooky" Magnus

Position R&D Director

Rank Rear Admiral


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Character Information

Gender Male
Species Catian, LEO clan
Age 49

Physical Appearance

Height 6'1
Weight 283
Hair Color Tan Body w/ Chocolate brown mane
Eye Color Ice Blue
Physical Description

Admiral Leopold Magnus, code name "spooky" is a Catian from the Leo clan.  He looks much like an earth lion with a well groomed chocolate brown mane.  His body hair is a light tan.  His hands, feet and tail are also chocolate brown and he ma marked much like a siamese cat.  He has hypnotically beautiful ice blue eyes and his intelligence is evident by gazing upon them.  He is charming to a fault and very humble in the presence.  


Spouse Carolina Magnus (Catian) Deceased in childbirth

Leopold Jr. (Deceased) - Killed by the Dominion during occupation
Sharita (Deceased) - Killed by the Dominion occupation


Leo's wife passed during childbirth of his twin children.  The children perished on board a transport that was attacked by the Jem-Haddar during occupation.

Father Theopolis Magnus (Deceased) died when Leo was 12
Mother Astrid Magnus (Deceased) Died old age.

Marcus Areilius Magnus - Deceased perished during a skirmish with the Kzin


Morgana Magnus - Married into another pride and has little contact with Leo.  He saw her during his mother's funeral.  Her husband, being a rival for ascension to the throne, forbid her from speaking to him.

Other Family

None He is the last heir of the Magnus Pride.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

Admiral Magnus is a scientist first, and an admiral second, research and development is his specialty.  He was credited with engineering the bio weapon that locked the dominion in form preventing them from shape shifting.  

He is very humble and it weighs heavily on his heart to know that some of his inventions have killed countless hundreds of Jem-Haddar and Dominion shape shifters.  To make up for it he spends time developing cutting edge biomedical equipment when not developing weaponry for the federation.

He seldom gets close to anyone and is very guarded.  He was married for approximately one and a half earth years when his wife died in Childbirth.  His children were sent to a boarding school on Bajor which became occupied during the dominion war.  During their evacuation the ship that they were on was destroyed by the Jem Haddar.  This prompted him to develop biological weaponry deployed to defeat the Dominion.

Magnus has closed his heart to any close relationship that could lead to romantic involvement.  He cares deeply for anyone he serves with and has a great respect for the enlisted crew of StarFleet that do the work and lay their lives on the line every day.  He has found that sometimes when traveling it is easier and more secure for him to travel as Master Chief Marcus Leo, his alter ego... with ordinary enlisted crew.  He purposefully enrolled in basic training and completed it undercover as his alter ego.  This gave him a unique view of the enlisted crew whom he sometimes mixes with unbeknownst to them.

Strengths & Weaknesses

His strengths are science, mathemtatics, and tactical equations.  Weaknesses are interpreonal relationships.  He does not get close to people easily.

Unfortunately he just lost his mother and now feels all alone in the universe.  His only living sibling, a sister, is now a member of... no property of another pride and forbidden from speaking with him.  He is now third in line to the Caitian throne... which he has no desire to ever ascend to.


To develop the next big thing... and then develop the next big thing and then to move on to .... you get it.  

He's currently working on zero point energy and once perfected would be the crown jewel in his career as a scientist.

Hobbies & Interests

Inventing things just for the heck of it.  He's working on a self diaper changing baby bed at the moment.  

He also enjoys martial arts, hunting, 20th century movies.  His favorite place to eat on a ship or starbase is the enlisted cafeteria as he enjoys hamburgers, fries and simple meals over the gourmet selections in the Officers mess.

He has an amazing voice and can sing... he has performed once for the inauguration of a Federation president.

Personal History

To be written but here's the condensed digest.  Leo has suffered a lot of loss... loss of a wife he was married to barely  more than a year.  Loss of his children and recently his mother.  As a child he went to the best boarding and preparatory schools in the universe.  Much of them involved supplemental military discipline training.  He has been stationed on Starbase Concordia for most of his career and will now be getting out among the fleet more as the Omicron Fleet's mission begins to unfold.

Service Record

Starfleet Academy 

Please note that Leopold Magnus entered the academy already as an officer of the Caitan fleet.  At this time he was 78th in the order of succession on the Caitan throne and was a lesser Royal.  He had attended some of the most prestigious schools in the Federation Universe and already had two doctorates in Biology and Theoretical physics.  Upon graduation of the academy he would start his career as a Lt. Commander.  He was groomed and recruited for section 31 service.

Freshmen Year

  • Basic training and Orientation

  • Special operative training (Section 31 Classified)

  • Special weapons and tactics team training 

Sophomore Year

  • Starship Weapons and Defense Strategy

  • Advanced science officer training

  • Field operations and survival.

  • Clandestine communications and encryption (Section 31 Classified)

Junior and Seniors Years

  • Service Record Sealed by Section 31

He graduated with the rank of Lt. Commander and was immediately assigned to Starbase 381 which would later be destroyed and rebuilt as Starbase Concordia.  This was to become his base of operations as he developed new technology for the federation.  He was instrumental in developing new weapons, biological tests and scans to detect any founders that infiltrated the federation.  And personally stopped an assassination attempt on the Federation president himself.  By the end of the Dominion war he ascended to the rank of Vice Admiral, remained on the Starbase Concordia and is currently the director of research and development for Section 31.  Starbase Concordia has a similar reputation as the old Section 51 in Nevada.  It is rumored that unknown alien technology is reverse engineered there and stories of near paranormal activity serves as a "cloak" for his research.