Captain Charles Redex Senior

Name Charles Albert Redex Senior

Position Starfleet Officer

Rank Captain


  • 172 Mission Posts
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Fri Jan 29th, 2016 @ 9:24am

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 38

Physical Appearance

Height 1.86mt
Weight 90 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description

He has a goatee on his face and also his hair is starting to get a little grey on the sides. He is well built and due to his martial arts training he keeps his body in a good state, which has served him well in multiple occasions while performing as intelligence, operative.


Spouse Recently Divorced

Seyoni Redex, 9 standard years Charles Redex Jr., 4 standard years Twins (Paul and Andrew), 2 Standard Years

Other Family

Pamela Redex, Died giving birth to his youngest son Ex wife, CDR Nicole Redex

Personality & Traits

General Overview

He is a very calm person; the death of his beloved wife left him with 2 children to be taken care for, he assumed his new responsibility with honor and with diligence it also left him a permanent scar on his soul and he is currently working to overdue that sadness inside him. Due to his career in Starfleet Intelligence he decided that a spaceship should be the best environment to raise both of his infants, therefore he applied for the position as XO of the Titan Class Starship USS Oberon, and then after a mission with the Yang Zutal the entire crew was transferred to the Nebula Class Starship USS Tikal. The recent events left the command of the ship open; therefore he was offered the promotion to CO which he accepted.

Strengths & Weaknesses

His best strength is at the same time his greatest weakness, his children, the thought that due to his line of work (Starfleet Intelligence) would bring harm to his kids made him step down from active duty as an operative. His other strengths are martial combat and bath'leh skills


He has the ambition to make good persons of his children which are the center of his life, his new position onboard the Tikal is exactly what he needed. The relationship with Nicole had made him a better man and the fact that she and his kids got along perfectly weighted powerfully in the fact that they moved in together and that he finally asked her hand in marriage.

Hobbies & Interests

Klingon and human martial arts, both of them learned in his early years, since his family groomed him for the academy they taught all the trades he needed to succeed and therefore follow family tradition. He also has been trained in the ancient Japanese fighting technique of the katana; he tries to follow the samurai way or the bushido path.

Personal History

He is a very good man the recent events had left him with 2 infants to raise, he is alone in the world and his children are all to him. He is a very reliable officer who has been under the worst condition and emerged victorious every time. He is now looking forward to a calmer portion of his life and to spend most time with both of his children and his fiancée Nicole Beckett

Service Record

CLASSIFIED FOR YOUR EYES ONLY Starfleet Academy: With the Kobayashi Maru he learned of the no win situation and came out of it, there he made his first approach to the burden of command and like it. He has moved through his entire life to get to this command. Freshman Year: He took courses in general studies; after boot camp had passed he settled in properly, he made a good friend one that he keeps till now Paul Jones, now Commodore Head of intelligence services on sector 12. With him he had forged a friendship that brought them out of basic training. Sophomore Year: He took courses in engineering, astrophysics and took the Command Pre Courses Junior Year: He took the Intelligence and Counter Terrorism program, getting qualified as an Intelligence Operative. Senior Year: He took command courses, Tactical Analysis and Hand to Hand Combat Courses. The Academy was a relief for him, being the son of a Starfleet family he did want to follow the tradition and enlist as soon as was permitted. He found friends, the Jones Twins between them, and then was made Intelligence operative. He graduated in the top 10% of his class with the rank of Ensign; he requested a field commission and was appointed as intelligence operative onboard the USS Tobias. USS Tobias Intelligence Operative, commissioned for 1 year USS Kearsarge Assistant Chief Intelligence Officer, commissioned for 2 years, Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade. Deep Space 14 Chief Diplomatic Officer, promoted to Lieutenant Uss Intelligence........ Chief Security Officer Uss Oberon...............Executive Officer, Promoted to Lieutenant . Commander Uss Tikal...................Executive Officer Uss Tikal...................Commanding Officer. - Promoted to . Commander Uss Tikal..................Commanding Officer - Promoted to. . Captain He spent all his younger years wanting to enter to the academy, when he finally did he made his parents proud; both of them where killed during the dominion war in a complex accident after their shuttle was attacked by a Cardassian patrol. Since he was an only child he was left alone in the world. He met his wife Pamela, while performing a recon mission before her colony was rescued from Dominion Occupation. They fell in love instantly but Chuck didn’t see her until the dominion war was over and he could return back to her colony, they got married 5 months after and a year later they had their eldest Seyoni. They where madly in love and Chuck was very happy during those times, Pamela Redex died giving birth to Charles Redex Jr. his youngest son. Since his wife’s death he stopped being an Intelligence Operative and applied for the Job as XO of the Oberon under the Command of Commander Marshall, now Captain Marshall. Once Marshall was released from his command to go on an intelligence mission classified he got in charge of the vessel he was once second in command. As soon as he arrived to the Oberon, Chuck met Nicole Beckett. On his first away mission fighting the Yang Zutal he felt butterflies, something he never thought he’d felt again after his wife’s death; they are now Married and living in Charles Quarters along with his 4 kids.