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Preservers post

Posted on Sat Aug 29th, 2015 @ 1:23am by Commander Croesus

Fellow Writers

The Preservers post had become erratic and was subsequently moved. It has be sent to a folder and can be returned once the edited continuity our our rescue has been perimetered.

* Lt Miranda Black Fur is the shuttle commander and all shuttle pilots should be following her as she will track down the Bruce.

Everyone else Find a pilot and stay with your people. What would be good is if several jp's go out with interaction as to how your coping.

A general jp will follow where we all meet up with the Bruce and taken home.

This jp will conclude our Romulan mission and when we arrive to McKinley we will focus on the new ship and changes that follow.

Have fun and enjoy.......

- Croesus


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Category: Out of Character