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Amarith's Mother

Posted on Tue Apr 28th, 2015 @ 2:35am by Commander Croesus

Dear Fellow Tikal Writers and Friends,

It has recently been informed to us that our beloved colleague " Amarith " has recently lost her mother . The Captain requests that you extend your thoughts and prayers to Amarith as she goes through this saddest of occasions.

There are many faiths and beliefs out there but the essential message of these is to just be the friend to her as she would assuredly be were it us going through a tough time. Knowing this crew of writers as I do that will not be a problem.

The revered Dr McCoy once commented, when facing the death of a close friend , a phrase similar to this occasion " She's really not dead so long as we, remember."

Amarith we hope these words and comforting prayers and thoughts go with you as you face your loss.


USS Tikal XO Commander Croesus


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Category: Out of Character