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Posted on Thu Jan 16th, 2014 @ 3:09am by Captain Charles Redex Senior

Here is the time line of the posts that LTCDR Amarith made so we don't loose the picture posted and the ones I am working on with others. If you need for me to work on a post with you, feel free to message me. I can usually come up with an idea for a post. At the moment, I can multi task due to each one of you all having different schedules and my schedule is flexible at the moment as well.

The Party and Party II Posts - Day One of R and R

D’Jaini Technology - Day One

The New Chief Engineer – Day One

The Passion of the Fruit – Day One

Meeting of the Minds – Day One

Nice Secured Meeting – Day One (working on this one with Naz)

Serenity – Day Two

The Arrival of Amarith’s Mother – Day Two

Mother and Daughter Talk – Day Two

Continuing Adventures - Day Two

Mediterranean Getaway – Day Two

The Emerald Archer – Day Two

The Biochemist from Magna Roma – Day Two

Stable Relationship – Day Two

New Ideas – Day Two (Working on this one with Arcos and Croesus)

All Life is Precious - Day Two (Working on this one with Commander Redex and Croesus)

Request from Amarith – Day Two ( Working on this one with Commander Redex)

Golf Tournament - Day Five (Everyone)

Thanks to her for doing this favour to us Amarith



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