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We Are Great Because ........

Posted on Fri Dec 13th, 2013 @ 12:24am by Commander Amarith Narviat t'Jones

We are great because we have the best commanding officer and executive officer combination in the fleet. The two of you kept the pace going fast as the adrenalin was pumping and the excitement was mounting up to something so exciting, it literally had taken my breath away. If any ship or base in this fleet need to a combo to study, they should study you two.

One of the key elements of a story I love to see are twists and turns. We all contributed it thanks to the two of you. The way you both played your other character in the story made this mission probably the best mission of the year. I do not think there is a Mission of the Year Award but if there was one, this last mission would win it hands down.

I do know there are ship of the year, commanding officer of the year and executive officer of the year awards and we should we all three of those if the judges both the quality and quantity of what we have done.

In story lines as in all good writing, there is tone, character, plot, setting and other elements of a story that makes up a great story. We nailed every one of them right on the head. We all came out of our comfort zones and we did a remarkable job weaving our posts together into one great mission from start to finish.

If there is an NPC character of the year award, it should go to Qatlh. The character was played with great intensity and logical flow of story line. Sometimes people play Klingons as too tame as in too human or they play the character too corny but this character was played right on the money.

I have been writing for nine years now and I do say this group is by far the best one I have written with in years.

For those who reading this who are not part of the Tikal, if you want to write with a great team of writers and people, join the Tikal.

Lt. Cmdr. Amarith t'Narviat


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