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End of a well played mission

Posted on Wed Dec 11th, 2013 @ 8:14pm by Captain Charles Redex Senior

Hello to you all,

I would like to congratulate you all on a JOB WELL DONE,I am very proud to be your CO.

The new mission is called R&R and it's our 3rd as a crew, It would happen on the Jones Estate, Hope everyone got the sketch I sent you on the distribution, If you want to send some images I'll be happy to get them. Please have in mind that the Estate is a REEEEAAALLLYYY big complex and the houses are extremely luxurious and big.

Brian, I loved the images you sent me I'll try to use them on the mission.

So officially we are on mission 3, any things need to be tied up please do as backposts.

I'll begin a Post today of us arriving Earth, after that please just backposts.

Once again THANKS for being my crew.

CDR Charles Redex Sr.
CO, USS Tikal


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