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Posted on Wed Oct 30th, 2013 @ 8:17pm by Commander Croesus

Tikal Crew : As the Captain is on holiday now is a good time to finish up any attached story JP's that are connected to our current mission. Below is the update to what has happened so far:

* shake down
* mission assignment to the Expanse
* Qatlh arrives
* Tikal arrives to Hades 3
* Amarath's poisioning
* Insertion
* Searching for the Chief of police
* Qatlh met with prefate
* Klingon's deliver proto-matter device that devistates surface but stabilizes tactonic plates.
* The day after

Now would be a good time for our npc/minor characters to be utilized and show what they were doing or are doing the day after this occurs.

* Croesus is injured and is going to try to get back to the ship so that he can be mended.
* Qatlh is going to try and kill the prefate, but can be stopped as we are currently planning.

We'll use this time to recover from this disaster and next week renew our quest to find the Chief of Police.

Keep posting as you care to do so but let's tie up any loose ends.

Qapla !

LCDR Croesus/Ray

OOC:I am so totally honored to be your XO and to be writing with this wonderful group of writers and can't wait to see how this mission unfolds.


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