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Posted on Fri Sep 6th, 2013 @ 7:45pm by Commander Croesus

Attention Crew,

As XO of the Tikal it is my privilege to show the importantance of the characters we are about to engage in the upcoming mission. The information that follows will help you to understand the Yang Zutal more thoroughly and give you an idea which sector we will be working in/ in accordance with the official Horizon leet map which can be viewed on the Horizon fleet site.

Let's enjoy our roles and begin this new mission with excitement as we begin the first official USS TIKAL Mission.

As your XO allow me to open my door and offer any writing assistance you may need as we put the USS Tikal on the map.

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Yang Zutal
Survey Data
Star System: Hades

Region: Taevon Expanse/Black Cluster

Quadrant: Alpha Quadrant

Classification: Hostile

First Contact: 2386 (Klingon Vessel)

Political Information
Affiliation: Zutal Imperium

Capital: Hades III

Political System: Religious Aristocracy

Population: Unknown

Biological Information
Type: Humanoid

Atmosphere type: Oxygen

Development Stage: Warp capable, Highly Advanced

Character: Expansionist, Highly Religious, Dominant

Number of Eyes: 2

[ Source ]

The Yang Zutal are a humanoid race originally from the M51 galaxy. Having left their galaxy after it was decimated by war, they eventually settled down in the Hades system, terraforming the Class-Y planets one by one. The Zutal Imperium is the Yang Zutal state and is led by the Elders of the Zutal religion.

History Little is known of the Yang Zutal history due to the limited number of encounters and even fewer conversations. What is known has been gleaned from a damaged memory device recovered by Starfleet Intelligence.

OriginsThe Yang Zutal originated in what has been termed the Whirlpool Galaxy, approximately twenty million lightyears from the milky way. There they thrived and built a vast empire with highly sophisticated technology over what is presumed to be the last several hundred thousand years, if not longer. At some point in their technological advancement, they moved from building their ships out of malleable material to quite literally growing their ships organically.

At some point in time, currently unknown to Federation intelligence, the Yang Zutal came into contact with an equally advanced civilization. Some time after that, the two were embroiled in a war that lasted for centuries. In what was considered to be a last ditch effort, the Yang Zutal unleashed a small fleet of "Planet Killer" devices, designed to destroy their enemy. What the Yang Zutal did not count on, however, was that once their enemy was annihilated, that they would be unable to turn their doomsday machine's off and that they would turn on their creators. Unable to destroy their creations, the Yang Zutal gathered what few ships they had remaining and poured all their energy into building a massive colony ship. The colony ship finished its growing cycle just hours before the planet killers converged on the last remaining system in the once mighty Yang Zutal Empire. With little time to spare, the fleet of remaining ships and the colony ship set a course out of the galaxy.

One of their scientists last great engineering feats before turning to how to build the colony ship, was a wormhole generator that allowed would allow a large number of ships to quickly move from one point in space to another much faster than with traditional warp drive. Due to the size of the colony ship and number of ships passing through it, however, the technology could only be used to open a wormhole that spanned a few hundred light years at a time and then required a long cool-down period before it could be used again. Intelligence reports indicate that shortly before arriving in the milky-way, they fuel source for the wormhole drive became depleted and, to current knowledge, the chemical used for the fuel is not found in the milky-way and can not be artificially created.

Modern HistoryHaving been traveling for many hundreds of years, the Yang Zutal found that they were still many thousands of light years from the galaxy in which their scientists had decided would be their best option for colonization. They were, however, quite close to a spiral-type galaxy that they deemed to be sufficient for their needs, though lacking in many of the chemicals many of their more advanced technologies were based off of.

In 2386, first contact was made between the Yang Zutal and the Klingons. Upon first contact, the overzealous Klingon commander opened fire on the small scouting fleet that had been sent ahead of the colony ship. The Klingon vessel was quickly destroyed and its crew captured. After several weeks of interrogation and examination, the Yang Zutal sent one of their smaller vessels to the Klingon Homeworld to return the dishonored warriors.

In early 2387, a small starfleet intelligence force was dispatched to the last known location of the Yang Zutal Fleet, the Hades System. What they found both surprised and horrified them. The Hades System, named after the greek god of the underworld, had been named such because it was composed entirely of Class-Y (Demon Class) planets. What they found upon arrival was that one of the five planets had been entirely terraformed into a livable, Class-M planet and that another planet was over a quarter terraformed.

Upon solidifying their first planet, the Yang Zutal began looking to rebuild their empire by forging alliances with several species. To date, the Orions, Nausicaans, the Klingon House of Duras, and the Klingon House of K'Jaden have all been seen with the Yang Zutal. If these groups have joined with them or not, however, is unclear.

Limited EncountersThus far, the Yang Zutal have limited their contact with the major powers of the region, instead making contact mostly through a third-party. Local planets, not under the protection of any specific government, however have reported Yang Zutal missionaries attempting to convert their population to the Zutal religion and recruit them to join the Zutal Imperium.

What limited interaction between the Yang Zutal and the Federation there has been can be classified as agressive at best. To date, there have been three direct encounters with the Yang Zutal, although numerous other reports may be linked to Yang Zutal activity. Perhaps the most direct encounters to date have been made by the USS Oberon. When its crew responded to an unknown signal emanating from within the Taevon Expanse. As the crew attempted to rescue a marooned crew from a planet within the expanse, it was discovered that a Zutal Cleric was on the planet trying to convert the native inhabitants to the Zutal Religion.

In yet another encounter, the USS Oberon was tasked to negotiate with a regional cleric after repeated Yang Zutal raids on transports carrying supplies to a nearby Federation colony. Rather than pursue diplomatic solutions, the Zutal commander opened fire on the Oberon while a converted Zutal follower opened fire on officers within the vessel.

First contact It is unclear when the Yang Zutal first became aware of the native peoples and governments of the Milky Way. The first reported contact with the Yang Zutal, however, came in 2386 when a Klingon bird of prey engaged a Yang Zutal scout ship and was destroyed in the subsequent battle. Since that point, all ship-to-ship encounters with the Yang Zutal have led to hostilities and the damage or destruction of the ship engaging the Yang Zutal.

Physiology While the internal physiology of the Yang Zutal is more or less the same, there are two distinct sub-species of the Yang Zutal, specifically within the male portion of the species. It can be presumed that each of these individual sub-species emerged due to the heavy social classifications within the Yang Zutal culture.

A Female Yang ZutalThe females of the Yang Zutal have pale to dark blue skin with gill-like slits on either side of their nose that are likely vestibules of a time when the Yang Zutal lived primarily underwater. Females have been seen with a variety of different hair color, but the predominant hair color appears to be dark red. The majority of the females seen to date have also been distinguished by their high cheekbones, recessed eyes, and slender frames.

Males of the Yang Zutal can be divided into two sub-species. The first of these sub-species normally takes on the role of the commander in smaller groups. Similarly to they're female counterpart, this group of males are marked by their slender build, long white hair, remarkably high agility, and tactical prowess. They also have a similar skin tone to that of the females and possess the same slits aside their noses, although less pronounced than on most females.

A Male Yang Zutal of the Warrior-classThe second sub-species of Yang Zutal is commonly called the warrior-class. This is due to their heavy build, endurance, and commonality on the fighting field. When ground forces have encountered the Yang Zutal, the majority of the troops sent into the battle have been of the warrior-class, with only a few Commanders for every thirty to fifty warriors. Males of the Warrior-class wear a face shield at all times, obscuring their facial appearance from view. Because of this, and the body armor worn, there is no intelligence on if there are any structural differences between the two male sub-species.

While what goes into the process is currently unknown, recent intelligence points to the idea that the Yang Zutal reproduce similarly to that of a bee hive on earth. There is one female per "hive" that will produce a high number of offspring. It is unclear as to how or when in the process the difference between Commander and Warrior-class is started, but they appear to be different from birth.

Due to their early nature as underwater beings, the Yang Zutal have been shown to have very weak cardiovascular systems while in normal gravity situations. Their chest cavities are also susceptible to collapse when given a hard blow directly to them.

Culture and Society Religion plays a key role in the Yang Zutal society, with the heads of the religion serving as the governing body of the Zutal Imperium. When faced with a major decision, such as military action, the Yang Zutal consult with the Elders who then in turn speak for the gods. It is unclear if the gods of the Zutal religion do in fact communicate with the Elders, similarly to how the Bajoran Prophets communicated with various officials and Benjamin Sisco, or if the Elders are in fact making the decision for themselves.

The second known facet of the Yang Zutal society is their warriors honor mentality. Very similar to that of the Klingon mentality, the Yang Zutal hold their honor above everything else except for their religion.

While the Yang Zutal are the primary species of the Zutal Imperium, the expansion of an empire necessitates the inclusion of other species into the Imperium. When a new culture is added to the Zutal Imperium and is inducted into the Zutal religion (a requirement for all members of the Imperium), the Zutal name is added to the end of whatever the species calls themselves in order to honor the gods. (i.e. a Nausicaan allied with the Zutal Imperium would be referred to as a Nausicaan Zutal).

Technology The technology of the Yang Zutal is quite advanced, however many of their more advanced technologies rely on minerals not found in the milky-way to function and thus are rendered unusable.

The Yang Zutal primarily use a type of disruptor pulse that is at the level of similar technologies throughout the galaxy. They also make use of high speed, organic missiles which, upon impact, burrow up to eighteen inches into the hull of the ship before exploding. Due to the borrowing effect of the missiles, these are considered to be some of the most dangerous weapons the federation has encountered. The ship armor of the Maran species' starships, however, has been shown to be able to withstand the penetrating nature of the missiles. As of yet, however, there is no known way to combine federation hull technology with Maran technology.

Before the existence of the Yang Zutal was widely known, the Starship USS Pandora investigated several ship disappearances within the Black Cluster that would later be revealed to be Yang Zutal raids. The crew of the Pandora, in the course of their investigation, found that the DNA of the Yang Zutal's organic missile is pi-helix in nature, a formation not commonly found in higher-order life forms. (Confusion in the Cluster)

The Yang Zutal have very low powered shields which only deflect a small percentage of any impact. The Yang Zutal ships however are very well defended by thick, organic armor that is similar to calcified bone, though it is several thousands times stronger. Estimates put it at just over 1.5 times as thick as the ablative armor found on Starfleet ships and many times stronger than that. The Yang Zutal, for all of their advanced technology, do not use or possess transporter technology because it goes against their religious beliefs. They have, however, employed jamming fields on their ships in order to prevent beaming into of off of them.

In the very limited person to person fighting that has been documented, the Yang Zutal employ a dampening field around them that renders conventional weapons no use. In these cases, they prefer to fight hand to hand as they are quite adept to martial arts style fighting.

Some experiments on fragments found of Yang Zutal vessels and technology indicate that it may be susceptible to weapons when fired in the upper EM band, however this has not been tested on active technology.

The Yang Zutal Colony Ship, above Hades IIIThe Yang Zutal Colony ship is structurally identical to the Battleship, however it is several hundred times larger. Upon landing on a planets surface, the colony ship can attach itself to the ground of the planet and literally grow the desired ecology. Because it is organic in nature, it simply begins to expand and slowly terraforms the entire planet by growing over what was once there and using the base materials to feed its growth. While the exact time it takes this process is unknown, it is estimated to take approximately eleven Sol-standard months to completely terraform a planet roughly the size of Earth.

The bulk of the remaining Yang Zutal ships can be classified into three categories the first being the Battleship. Second only to the colony ship, the Battleship is the largest class of vessel within the Yang Zutal fleet. It carries up to two thousand Yang Zutal. The second and most common ship in the Yang Zutal fleet is the Cruiser. It is a good deal smaller than the Battleship but still carries up to six hundred Yang Zutal.

The third and smallest of the Yang Zutal ships is the starfighter. It is extremely small and only carries a maximum of two. It is highly maneuverable and carries a weapons compliment comparable to Talon-class runabout.

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