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Blade Failure at Server Farm

Posted on Sun May 1st, 2016 @ 1:10am by Rear Admiral Leopold Magnus

We figured out some of our problems... the blade at the server farm where our server is attached has failed... and they are frantically trying to find a new blade to attach us to.

For now (at a small expense to us) we have moved the Tikal and the Concordia to 100% amazon aws hosted (this is the big guns) we may have a few IP address hiccups... and we will see how it fares price wise for now.  I think the costs will be very minimal and we will keep it there.

This should really help those outside the united states as it makes our server nearly instantaneous.  Plus today I've recoded another 20% of the old Nova basecode.  We are now well over 50% our own code  now.  Quasar will soon abandon some of the .php code and will be running on Ruby which is a newer more modern code.  We have already dropped MS-SQL for the more efficient SQLi.  (Enough of my nerd talk)  Anyhow would like to know any suggestions you may have for further improvement of Quasar



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